5 Gorgeous Accessories We're Hoping to See at the Oscars This Year


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The red carpet is glamorous and all, but if it were up to all fashion girls, the Oscars would be the ideal place to display the best accessories trends on the market. While we have no idea what the nominees and guests of this year's award ceremony will be wearing, from a fashion point of view, we can only make a few educated guesses. So that is what we are bringing you here.

Yes, the red carpet is strictly formal attire, but that doesn't mean there is no room for forward trends. The best Oscars accessories don't always have to be $3 million worth of diamonds, and we are here to show you why. Ahead, shop the five trends we are hoping we will get to see on the celebrities at the Oscars this year. From crystal earrings to graphic box clutches, we are here to predict the Oscars accessories everyone will be talking about post-ceremony. Fingers crossed for some memorable fashion moments!

Go on to shop some of the accessories we are hoping to see at the Oscars.