Brands Are Now Realising That We Don't All Want a Classic Diamond Engagment Ring

The perfect engagement ring looks completely different for each of us. However it's a given that most people tend to automatically think of the classic solitaire cut engagement ring when wedding bells are ringing. Sure, some women love a more unique shape (like a heart or pear), but keeping it classic with clear diamonds, has seemed to be most popular, or the more obvious choice, until now.

Brands are now realising this isn't the only style women want to wear, and the options now are endless. What is old is new again and this time, it's the meaningful pieces that truly make us attached. Jewellery designer, Anna Sheffield mentioned in a previous article for Who What Wear, "people no longer have a status quo for the symbol of their love. They want something that speaks to their individuality and their values." To further our thoughts on this concept, jewellery brand ManiaMania is launching its sapphire ring collection that highlights sapphire and reclaimed antique white and black diamonds. For something so rare and intricate, it gives engagement rings a whole new meaning.

Keep scrolling to peep the unique engagement rings by ManiaMania (available to purchase Thursday November 9, 2017) and in the meantime, shop more unique engagement rings.


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