This Tiny Item Makes Even the Chillest NYE Outfits Festive



If you're the type of girl who by the time New Year's Eve rolls around is just over it, then this is for you. (But not to worry, this is also for you if NYE if your favorite holiday.) Regardless of which camp you fall in, figuring out what to wear on the night of December 31 can be tricky, especially if the weather outside can best be classified as frightful. But there's one tiny little item that effortlessly makes any outfit 100 times more festive, no matter how chill, boring, or bundled the look. And there happen to be tons of options on the market this year. The one thing every New Year's Eve outfit needs is (drumroll, please) a pair of fun earrings—the more tassels, fur, and bonbons the better. If you add a pair of festive statement earrings into the mix, your entire look is instantly transformed.

We rounded up eight of our favorite earring options to pair with your party dress (or party jeans and T-shirt, if that suits your fancy). Click through to shop them all !