This New Activewear Line Has the Best Leggings

Fact: There’s no shortage of online destinations for shopping for leggings these days. And athleisure's popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Maybe that’s because, at the end of the day, its influence is a positive one—encouraging people to get fit and stay healthy. Or maybe it’s just because the clothes are comfortable to wear while still being fashionable. What we do know is that we still get excited when we come across a new designer that feels different from the pack. One such example is a new line called Peggy Moffitt, co-created by the former model of the same name along with young designer Evelina Galli. The brand’s first collection consists of bold colored workout essentials (tops, bottoms, and even a bodysuit) with '60s flare. But what caught our eye the most were the leggings. We cannot stress just how soft they are.

Keep scrolling for our favorite Peggy Moffitt leggings and the design elements that made us fall so hard.