Class of 2017: The Best New Designers to Know


Fashion can feel like it moves fast as we hop from one trend to another and It brands ebb-and-flow faster than lunar tides. But when you take a step back from the madness, you'll find that with the speed the digital age has brought us, it has also connected us to new fashion designers in ways that were never possible before. You can stumble across inspiration on Instagram, or you can buy a new dress directly from a label that's just getting its footing.

There's lots of talent to be found, but what are the emerging labels we've had our eyes on of late? Below we're highlighting eight on-the-rise labels you should know. While they're all in different stages of growth, they all got their start in the past few years, and in 2017, they have emerged as major ones to watch. Curious to see who made the cut? We round it all up below, with shopping too, so feel free to take a look and treat yourself.