The Most Stylish Music Videos of 2016 (So Far)

Fashion and music have a long-standing relationship. The two are oftentimes (if not always) inextricably linked, and the results are seriously synergistic. Musical artists dress in the latest fashions of the era, blazing new sartorial trails and setting the trends for the masses. While we're granted glimpses of musicians stepping out in our favorite designers and get to obsess over what they wear while walking the red carpet, it's through the format of the music video that we really get to appreciate this symbiotic fusion.

Music videos serve as the visual incarnation of their songs, bringing to life what we otherwise could only imagine. With their stylistic sensibilities and immortalization of the looks currently en vogue, music videos also fix the art—the song and its visual identity—within a particular epoch of fashion. This past year has provided us with an impressive lineup of fashion-infused music videos boasting serious style.

Keep scrolling to see what we've deemed to be the most stylish videos of 2016.