Six Months in, and We've Officially Found the Legging Look of 2017



When it comes to leggings, we all settle into our go-to uniform. Maybe it's a sleek black style with a white tee, or maybe you prefer a cutout style with a crop top. But, sometimes even the easiest looks need a refresh, so enter the matching set. While we can't promise that coordinating your top and leggings will actually get you to the gym, it's guaranteed to make you feel good no matter what activity you're up to.

Below, we're outlining the leggings look that's poised to take over 2017, as proven by our favorite trendsetters. Each offers up a take on the ensemble—whether it's how to do head-to-toe prints or it's all about the hardware. The bottom line is that despite the fact that a matching set is the easiest legging look you'll ever throw on, it looks especially polished (and, if we're being honest, Instagrammable). Ready to see how your favorite trendsetters are pulling off the must-wear legging look?

Check it out below, and then shop our favorites.