The Only Legging Colors and Styles You Need for Fall 2017


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While most of the fall shopping attention goes to which new coats, sweaters, and ankle boots to buy, of equal importance (in our book, at least) is which new legging styles to buy. Sure, our favorite flattering black high-waisted leggings will always be the nearest and dearest to our hearts, but there's an expansive crop of new leggings for Fall 2017, and you'd be remiss to not know the best of what's out there before your next purchase. Accordingly, we used our legging expertise to best decide upon six colors and styles that are trending for fall and that you'll want to consider.

The interesting thing with leggings is that although they're considered an activewear staple, they're also indicative of what the season's biggest trends are. So it's not surprising that fall's It color and a major print trend are included in the mix of this season's legging must-haves.

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