6 Leggings the Fashion World Will Wear in 2018 


Girlfriend Collective

If there’s one trend that’s reigned supreme over the last few seasons, it’s athleisure—we’re talking sneakers, track pants, hoodies, and everything in between. Looking for new ways to test out the look? That’s where athleisure enthusiast Anaa Saber comes in. In her new column, the fashion girl behind @oursecondskin will offer up her best styling tricks for those of you looking to inject this cool trend into your everyday lives.

Winter is finally setting in, as is feeling down due to the lack of sun. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to need a little extra motivation when it comes to working out and staying healthy on the inside and out. Wintertime is no excuse to slack off when it comes to fitness. Often, this weather can make you (aka me) feel sluggish, but with a little bit of discipline and some fresh leggings, getting that daily dose of exercise is still very doable.

I don’t know about all of you, but new gear has always been the perfect cure for my workout blues. With the 2018 year quickly approaching, there’s no time like the present to stock up on the leggings every fashion girl will have in her closet come spring. Which is why I compiled the perfect list of leggings to get you to the gym through the brutal winter and beyond. Cue drumroll… Go on to shop the six leggings fashion girls will be working out in throughout 2018.

Sultry leggings to add an extra kick to your workout.

Nothing like a retro logo to get you selfie- and workout-ready.

Versatile leggings to take you from Pilates to brunch.

An option for the conscious: sustainable leggings made from recycled bottles.

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