This Mall Brand Actually Has the Best Holiday Sales, Study Says

If you're shopping for your wardrobe before the New Year, you'll want to hit up J.Crew because according to browser tool Honey, the retailer's site yields the highest discount when it comes to clothes. Honey is a free browser add-on that instantly finds and applies coupon codes at participating retailers and offers cash back at many. With over 3.1 million users and thousands of retail partners, using Honey is the no-brainer way to save—especially at J.Crew during the month of December.

According to the money-saving tool, while the most popular shopping sites in December are Amazon, eBay, Macy's, Kohl's, and Target, when it comes to clothing J.Crew reigns supreme in the savings department. In December 2015, the average shopper saved 32%, with the most popular dollar amount being $147 (down from $217 without using Honey). Regardless of how much J.Crew shoppers spent, 46% of their carts were matched with money-saving coupons thanks to Honey. Not too bad for a free tool that takes all the guesswork out of finding the deals.

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite J.Crew picks of the moment (and download the Honey add-on before checking out). 

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Opening Image: J.Crew