One Pair of Pants, 5 Work Outfits

It's been over a decade since Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants made their debut, and unlike most fashion items that have been around for 12 years and counting, they're still as popular as ever (and as prone to selling out as ever). These high-waisted, cropped, wide-leg pants (i.e., the opposite of leggings) gained a cult following from the start, thanks to their figure-flattering powers and their appropriateness for all seasons. The thick canvas fabric will keep you warm in the cooler months, and you'll keep cool in the warmer months, as they are wide enough for air to flow against your skin. Los Angeles–based Kamm summed up their popularity best in an interview with Need Supply, saying "The Sailor Pant looks so great on so many different body types, and they are so damn comfortable, they are hard not to love."

Something that we love about the pants that fashion girls go crazy for is that you can wear them to work, on the weekends, and with practically any type of shoe. While their $395 price tag is certainly a splurge, they're so well-made that they will last you for years to come. While we're partial to the Street hue for spring (a light on-trend khaki), the Sailor Pants come in a variety of wearable colors, and even a new chambray style. We'd gladly take any one of them to wear on repeat. Want to see how we recommend styling them for work?

Check out five work outfits featuring Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants, and shop more high-waisted wide-leg styles below (wallet-friendly included)!