9 Things to Buy Your Friends Who Are So Over Valentine's Day

Photo: A Love Is Blind

Let's pause for a second to appreciate the most important significant other in your life: your BFF. Whether you're in a serious relationship or enjoying the single life, some of our longest and most meaningful relationships are with the women we consider our closest friends. Which is why this year, we're all about doing something special for the females who somehow get you like no one else does.

To help you send a little extra love to your best friend, we did a little searching. Below, we've highlighted a few gifts we know we'd be excited to receive, and your closest girlfriend will be thrilled about too. Some are extra fancy (in case you're in the mood to splurge), and others are little but thoughtful. Spoiler alert: She'll love whatever you pick, and that's why you're friends after all.

Read on to shop Valentine's Day picks for your BFF!