Confession: I've Had This Forever 21 Item in My Closet for Years

If I were to look at my wardrobe and divide my closet by fast-fashion buys and investment pieces, my fast-fashion section would be heavily stocked with an assortment of tops from all the go-to spots like H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. As we’ve shared before tops are one of the most popular items to snag when fast-fashion shopping—that includes blouses, knits, tanks, and the like.

When it comes to these quick and inexpensive purchases, the common thought is that the pieces typically don’t last or earn “wardrobe staple” status, but today I’m sharing the Forever 21 top that I’ve not only had for several years but actually wear nearly once a week. It’s a simple black top that I purchased as a quick “weekend” top yet has since has become a staple in my L.A. wardrobe. Bonus: Forever 21 still has similar styles available online.

Keep reading to see how I’ve styled the trusty Forever 21 top, and shop similar styles at the end.