The 12 Most Discussed Viral Fashion Videos of 2015

No big surprise here, this year’s round-up of influential fashion videos included only the highest tier of models, musicians, and GIRLS. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Lena Dunham, and what feels like our generation’s entire roster of supermodels, each imparted a fair amount of high-fashion inspiration (and #squadenvy for that matter) to keep us entertained. Keep scrolling to view all the footage and shop our favorite styles.



We miss Victoria Beckham’s short-lived stint with reality television. That’s why we were so excited to watch her vlog. In it, she owns up to fashionable vices like wearing her Lanvin pajamas when she needs to relax.

She also models a pair of infamous oversize sunnies similar to the above.


Kate Spade

The 4th episode of Kate Spade's #missadventure series co-stars everyone’s favorite bubbly girl, Zosia Mamet, alongside Anna Kendrick. We would give anything to be that dog sitting in the middle. 

Kendrick's bag (above) might be the ideal top handle choice for holiday.



Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" video featured cameos by fashion It girls Cindy Crawford, Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, and Cara Delevingne—all looking incredibly fierce. We're pretty sure every fashionable girl gang watched this one together on repeat. 

But, it was Taylor’s white-hooded fur vest that we freaked out over. Good news, we found a suitable sleeved option for winter. 



This genius video serves up a comprehensive fashion crash course organized by decade in just two short minutes. 

Our favorite is the present-day leather jacket. And it turns out Madewell is selling a nearly identical look.



This behind-the-scenes footage captures fashion’s most important print magazine during the biggest issue of the year. If that alone wasn’t enough to get our attention, it also features Queen Bey. 

While we may not be able to shop Beyoncés Atelier Versace cut-out gown, we did yelp when we spotted a contemporary version that’s a little more accessible in lace. 



Gigi Hadid didn’t need to worry about becoming likable. But that didn't stop her from creating a parody video for W magazine that showed us her awesome sense of humor. 

The striped tee Gigi wears at the end of the video is perfect for the summer. But we found this sleeved version with suede appliqués that's ideal for fall. 



Another satire, Prada’s video features a postman drifting off while on duty only to dream of cuddling up to a Prada Saffiano bag. It’s safe to say we’ve all had a similar daydream. 

No need to get bummed out when you inevitably snap back into reality. You can always save up to live out your fantasy with the red version.



The short film, created in tandem with the COS American store launch, explores fashion’s relationship to art and the dynamic between New York City and Los Angeles.

COS's U.S. openings bring with them the availability of sophisticated designs at an affordable price. These are clothes fashion gals have been shopping in Europe for years. 



To say the fashion world was supportive of Balmain's high-low collaboration with H&M would the understatement of the century. The entire collection is now sold out except for a Ribbed Bandeau Top ($25). 

But you can still snag one of H&M's other structured pieces.



Anna Wintour discusses trends and the presence of modern technology at the spring 2016 Paris shows. 

Specifically, boudoir dressing similar to this flowing Chloé gown.


Louis Vuitton

There’s no doubt about it, Louis Vuitton’s travel video is breathtaking. With almost 3 million views on YouTube, the pain of not being able to purchase the bags featured on Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander more than stung. 

Luckily, a very similar LV bag is available.

But for those on a tighter budget who still lust after a small boxy crossbody, we've found the ideal alternative. 

Any video with the word Chanel in it is likely to become viral within the fashion community. The fall-winter couture video, in all of its muse-filled gambling glory, was no different. From spotting front row faces like Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis, and Julianne Moore actually in the casino-themed show, to the house’s iconic quilted suiting suddenly printed from a computer, this show was full of fashionable (and forward-thinking) firsts.

With couture out of our reach, we scrolled the RTW collection and managed to fall hard for these boots.

What’s your favorite fashion video from 2015? Did any of these impact your style choices over the year? Sound off below!