The No-BS Place to Find Authentic Fashion Show Reviews


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Style Bubble's Susie Lau just revealed the fashion industry's best kept secret in an interview with Vogue about the future of fashion show reviews. In the Q&A, the famous style blogger, who attends about 140 shows a season, says The Fashion Spot is her go-to resource for no-BS reviews of collections. She tells the magazine, "I’m always trolling through comments on Instagram and Twitter after a show, or on the The Fashion Spot, because that’s a really honest barometer, and you’re always really surprised how different those opinions are from what you just saw, what you’ve discussed with other people who saw it too." 

In fact, on her blog, Susie mentions that she stumbled upon tFS, as insiders refer to it, while searching for Parisian vintage shops. The invite-only fashion forum also helped her attract followers when she decided to launch Style Bubble. "I suppose I was a little lucky in that I was posting regularly on the forum The Fashion Spot and so when I started a blog, I had some readers who found me through the forum," she writesThe Fashion Spot launched in 2001 and is known by insiders for its stats-packed diversity reports and buzzy forums filled with a plethora of information from show reviews to rumblings about which designer is headed to which fashion house next.

When asked if tFS is an honest barometer, Lau tells Vogue, "It’s unfiltered. It’s looking for faults, rather than fishing for positives. It’s that detachment element." While the forum's threads are open for all to read, only those who get accepted have the chance to sound off about collections, models, ads, and everything in between, so long as it's related to fashion. Looks like we know where we'll looking to for next season's show reviews.

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