The Best New Year's Resolution for a More Stylish 2017

New year, new you, or so the saying goes. But, when it comes to making resolutions, a complete makeover doesn't have to be the only choice. To us, some of the best (and easiest) goals to set are about enhancing your life and what you already have.

Which is why when it comes to making your fashion resolutions this year, we have one that tops them all. Resolve to stop caring about what others think and to wear what you love. You can still dare to wear more leather or embrace a feminine silhouette, but the underlying motivation is to embrace what makes you feel good when you put it on.

To help kick off 2017, we're challenging you to step back and make a list (mental or physical) of what you love to wear and why. That way, when you’re deciding on a new pair of shoes to buy, or thinking about what to clear from your closet, you can see the bigger picture. Once you’ve tackled this one important question, you’ll find it easier to tackle the smaller questions: what color, trend, or cut to try next.

Ready to launch into the new year with your new resolution? Shop pieces below that will make you feel good!