The Most Entertaining Fashion Podcasts For Your Morning Commute

There are a lot of things in our life that could be improved with the addition of a podcast. Why limit it to your commute? Here are just a few suggestions of activities that would be more entertaining with audio accompaniment: painting your toenails, cleaning the house, or even doing your taxes. And if those programs are of the fashion variety? Even better!

We went ahead and pulled our top 5 style-related podcasts and podcast episodes for your auditory amusement—get your headphones on deck, and scroll down to check them out.

Yahoo Style’s podcast just debuted less then two weeks ago, and already has a multitude of fans. Moderated by the charming Joe Zee, their launch episode covered everything from the fascinating politics behind red carpet dressing to Anna Wintour’s new side gig. Get ready for a true insider view and candid opinions on the fashion world.

Little Esther is a Los Angeles-based comedian who aims to find out what makes her guests “weird adults” through quirky interviews. We recommend checking out the episodes featuring fashion blogger Rumi Neely, along with Lauren Alexander, founder of LNA clothing.

If an hour-long podcast seems like a bit of a commitment, check out Glamour’s first-ever mini podcast series. Episodes are under ten minutes, and editors and designers talk about what they wore for specific milestone occasions, such as getting married, giving birth, and interviewing for the job of a lifetime.

Emmy-nominated TV exec Shannon Fitzgerald hosts this engaging podcast featuring conversations with some of her famous friends. It’s half funny, half serious, and always insightful. Don’t miss Cynthia Rowley’s episode or the one featuring our own co-founders, Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power.

Hoping to gain a little knowledge with your podcast entertainment? Look no further than Stuff Mum Never Told You, a clever program about female stereotypes and cultural norms. Not all the episodes cover fashion, but we love the one on the connection between haute couture and feminism, and the episode on modest dressing.

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What's your favourite podcast? Any Serial fans in the house? Let us know in the comments below!