The Dos and Don'ts of Fall Dressing

It’s not difficult to put together an outfit. Pair a top with a bottom and you’re done. But as celebs and It girls prove to us on a daily basis, there’s a difference between outfits and outfits that feel high concept and inspiring.

While we know you, our fearlessly stylish readers, know how to put together a gorgeous look that feels distinctly you, a few new tips never hurt anyone. Right? So to freshen up your wardrobe and keep you up to date on what to wear this season, we’re sharing the dos (and don’ts!) of fall dressing.

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You can never go wrong with jeans or your classic denim jacket, but one way to look 100% more fashionable this season is to test out denim in unexpected places like in a coat iteration or even on an accessory.

While we love denim on denim, make sure you don't go overboard with your alternative denim pieces. You don't want to emulate Britney and Justin, do you?

This season is flooded with amazing boots in a wide array of interesting and unique patterns and textures—perfect to help you stand out from the crowd.

While black boots will always be in style, a little change (cue: statement boots) never hurt anyone.

There's nothing more forward-feeling and chic than mixing different textures like velvet, silk, cashmere, and everything in between. 

While mixing textures is great, you want to make sure your separates still go together—so pay close attention to the colours and patterns so it doesn't look like you're trying too hard.

We love nothing more than pushing the boundaries just a bit when it comes to fashion—like pairing two seemingly different styles of clothing together (like a nerd-chic sweater with a femme skirt).

While going for the weird and different is fantastic, ensure that you're not just throwing together random items where it could potentially look like a costume.

Layering is not only crucial to keeping warm during fall, but it's also the simplest way to look put together and fashion-y.

While layering is undoubtedly chic (and essential!), there is such a thing as too much layering. You want to make sure you're watching your proportions and don't bulk up too much with too many extra fabrics hanging about randomly.  

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