Wear These 2 Colors on a Date If You Want a Real Relationship

Have you ever wondered what the colors in your outfit say about you? Refinery29 tapped mystic and astrologer Angel Eyedealism to explain the hidden meanings behind different hues. While she expounded on nearly every color in the rainbow, one of her examples piqued our interest in particular: the symbolism behind red and green.

Eydealism told Refinery29 the significance of the color combo: "Red and green are complementary colors," she told the site. "Red is tied to the material plane, but green connects someone to the heart chakra. I would say that if someone enjoys red and green, they're looking for love with their feet on the ground; they're projecting that they want a solid, committed relationship." If you take the mystic's word for it, you might want to try the unexpected combo for your next date. In the meantime, head over to Refinery29 to get the full scoop on the hidden message behind every color.

Intrigued? Scroll down to see how fashion girls wear red and green together.