The Best Clothing Item to Sell Right Now, According to Luxury Resellers

If you've followed Marie Kondo's advice and purged your closet recently, we have some good news. According to popular resale site The RealReal’s chief merchant Rati Levesque and luxury reseller Kim Koshiol, one of the most sought-after items by resellers right now is designer denim, something many of us have in our closets. As Levesque explained to The Wall Street Journal, “A couple of years ago, we were more picky. Now, we’re taking it all.” Specifically, she said that “J Brand and Frame [Denim] are back on the list; we can’t keep them in stock.” Koshiol conceeds that skinny jeans, high waists, and wide-legged styles are all in demand.

Among the other popular resale items at the moment are street style–approved accessories, i.e. the Fendi’s Monsters collection and pieces from buzzworthy brands like feminine dress purveyor Self-Portrait and shoe designer Paul Andrew.

Our verdict? If you're going to invest in something right now and a Hermès Birkin bag is understandably outside of your budget, make it a pair of designer jeans or a street style–worthy statement accessory.

What item have you had the most success with when it comes to reselling? Tell us in the comments below!