The Best Christmas Music: Our Top 5 Picks

It's safe to say the best part about the countdown to Christmas is the seasonal music that takes over the radio, the background music in every store, and our Spotify playlist predilections. Pretty much as soon as we finish up the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers (or Halloween candy, depending on who you are), it's Christmas music non-stop until the New Year.

While each year artists release their new spins on the classics, some songs just never go out of style. Mariah Carey's Christmas singles have become just as emblematic of the holiday as selections from Crosby and Sinatra. '90s boy band takes on Christmas-themed pop ballads still haven't gotten old. And sometimes newer revivals of our time-tested favorites prove to be worthy of adding to our holiday playlists. Below, we've rounded up our top five tracks that make up our favorites this year.

Keep scrolling to see the Christmas songs we'll be queuing up on repeat this holiday season.