From Cindy Crawford to Camille Rowe: The Celebrity Wardrobes We'd Love to Have


Timur Emek/Getty Images

Every time we get our daily dose of off-duty celebrity style, we can only begin to imagine the incredible closets from which the covetable pieces making up each ensemble were pulled. Celebrity wardrobes are the things dreams are made of—exclusive clothes curated by top stylists, a treasure trove of the coolest new accessories, and designer shoes for days. We can’t help but fantasize about where all these pieces hang out when they’re not being worn. Where does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s gorgeous lineup of handbags rest when they’re not being toted around on her arm? What must O.G. supermodel Cindy Crawford’s endless collection of shoes look like all in one place? Every so often we’re given the opportunity to sneak a peek at celebrity wardrobes when they open their walk-in closet doors to let us get a glimpse of the magic.

Head below to take a tour of the celebrity wardrobes we’d love to have.