The $100 Sweaters That Always Sell Out Just Returned

Between cool yet comfortable shoes, $68 jeans that look designer, and the slew of other affordable basics it does so well, you could easily fill your closet with just Everlane pieces at this point and look impossibly chic for any occasion. The brand has rapidly released one covetable fall collection after another as of late, and we couldn't help but feel a surge of glee over today's launch: the $100 cashmere collection.

Everlane has been making cashmere sweaters since its early days, and last fall, they decided to reduce the prices significantly (by around $25 each), but the quality is still just as impressive. As the color range and style options grow each year, the sweaters seem to sell out more and more quickly. 

This time, the four styles on offer are a crewneck, V-neck, crop mockneck, and crop V-neck (our current favorite), and the colors range from bold red to soft pink to classic camel. Our advice? You should probably start stocking up now because once holiday shopping picks up, we're confident that the availability for these cult favorites will quickly dwindle. 

Shop our favorite $100 cashmere sweaters from Everlane below!