The One Bra to Never Wear During Summer, According to a VS Angel



During summer, there's no feeling quite as unpleasant as the sweaty, sticky discomfort that comes with wearing the wrong bra. Still, forgoing a bra altogether just isn't an option for many women, which is why choosing a style that can survive a heat wave with you is key. And who better to know a thing or two about undergarments than a Victoria's Secret Angel?

So when we had the chance to talk to Sara Sampaio about the launch of Victoria's Secret's new T-shirt bra, we turned to the model for some hot tips on keeping cool during summer. "I tend to wear really light fabrics and very thin bras," Sampaio revealed. "The summer is the best time to actually show them, so I usually like lacy bras that you can actually show under your clothes."

Sampaio shared that a T-shirt bra is her go-to because "it's really comfortable and it's something that you just wear on a daily basis," she shared that for extra-hot days, she makes sure to avoid any bra that feels too heavy or has extra padding. "I tend to go for very thin lace bras in the summer because it’s pretty hot, and I tend to not use any padding because you’re just going to sweat a lot and it’s going to be warm." So if you're looking to survive summer with as little sweat as possible, channel Sara's trick and keep things light and lacy. Shop the new T-shirt bra along with a few of our favorite lace styles below! 

I tend to go for very thin lace bras in the summer. I tend to not use any padding because you're just going to sweat a lot, and it’s going to be warm.