The Comfy Bra That Holds Up for Over 8 Years

I’m constantly on the hunt for a better everyday bra. My lingerie drawer is brimming with more nude bras than I care to admit, but I still haven’t found “the one.” That’s why I immediately took notice when lifestyle blogger Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo mentioned the bra she’s been wearing nonstop for eight years. According to Goddard, it’s “comfy, smooth, and the wire never pops out.” The ringing endorsement was enough for me to promptly purchase one, and although it hasn’t arrived yet, I figured I’d let you know about it in the meantime, in case you too haven’t met your bra soul mate yet.

Scroll down to check out the bra, and if you like how it looks, treat yourself to an everyday bra upgrade just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Who makes your go-to bra? Let us know in the comments below, and then check out the new brand that may revolutionize the lingerie world.

Opening Image: Vogue