Every 20-Year-Old Needs These 5 Boot Styles

Welcome to our new college-girl style series! We partnered with our sister site CollegeFashionista to share the trends and styling tricks their fashionable contributors are spotting on campuses. Up next: the boots every woman needs.

Despite the current fluctuations in the weather, it is very much still winter. There may have been a couple 70-degree days thrown in there, but I wouldn’t be packing away your puffer coats and boots just yet. In fact, the recent ups and downs in the weather make us think we’ll be switching off between sandals and booties for quite a while.

As for college students living on a strict “no shoe shopping” budget, appreciate your boots. You never know when you’ll be able to replace them. Therefore, when determining which boots are best for the college years, remember that you have to love the ones you pick and trust that they won’t fall apart after your third day walking to class at the break of dawn. Here’s a little tip from one college girl to the next: Share this advice with your friends to ensure an endless array of borrow-worthy boots to choose from.

Wondering what styles are an absolute must in your closet? Keep scrolling to check out the five pairs every college girl needs—and shop stylish boots, too.

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