11 Beautiful Books You'll Find on Every Fashion Girl's Coffee Table

For any fashion lover, it’s enough of a challenge to organize all your clothes, shoes, prized vintage treasures, etc., in one apartment. Or even house. So when it comes time to decorate, it’s no surprise that we’ll often lean toward one particular stylish staple with substance. We’re talking fashion tomes—big, beautiful coffee table books that not only satisfy our thirst for knowledge and inspiration, but they’re pretty enough to never store away.

Whether you already have a collection of hardcovers or are just starting out, the books ahead—all released within the last year—are a great place to start. Plus they’re the only piece of décor that’ll make you a smarter, savvier, and possibly more stylish without ever leaving the house.

Ahead check out the newest fashion books to fill your bookshelf (or coffee table, or windowsill, or nightstand…)