I Built My Own Leggings on Amazon, and They're a Game Changer

Just as I was thinking that my legging collection was in need of a little refresh for summer, Amazon Fashion came to the rescue with an opportunity to "build my own" yoga pants. I was naturally intrigued, as I am anytime the words Amazon and leggings are in the same sentence. I was even more intrigued when I saw that the leggings were only $65 and would arrive in two days (with a Prime membership), which is unusual for a customizable item. The leggings come via Amazon's in-house activewear line, Core 10, and the reviews for them are very strong (nearly five stars and 178 and counting reviews). 

So what exactly do they mean by "build your own"? You basically get to choose the size (up to 3X), length, waist style, and leg opening for a pair of black yoga pants. It took me about 60 seconds flat to place my order, and two days later, my leggings arrived (I chose the 7/8 crop with a tight leg and high rise). As soon as I put them on, I knew I'd struck gold. The leggings feature a touch of figure-flattering compression yet they're flexible enough to allow for freedom of movement, all the while feeling lightweight enough for a summer workout. If I had something bad to say about them, I would, but they're really that good. 

See the leggings IRL and shop them below.