The 14 ASOS Pieces I Bought With Zero Qualms



It was a day just like any other—until, it wasn't. I innocently opened up ASOS to check out some of the new product arrivals and suddenly, a simple browsing session turned into an abusive relationship with the "add to cart" button. I love ASOS, but it's not a site I typically do the majority of my fast-fashion purchasing from, so for me to fall this instantly (and impulsively) in love with not just a couple, but fourteen products was a moment to remember… or to forget… I'm still undecided about my emotions on the matter.

While I was doing some serious damage to my personal funds, I couldn't help but think that the world (you) needed to know just how great the new arrivals section at ASOS is right now. Not just because I wanted someone else to relate to my current elation over new clothes yet disappointment over my self-control, but because the things I bought are elevated, seasonally appropriate, and pretty cool if I do say so myself. Since ASOS is an affordable and reliable retailer, I guess I can't feel too guilty for splurging, but I would feel a lot better if you joined me in this abnormal shopping spree. Misery loves company, right?

Go on to see and shop the ASOS items I couldn't wait to buy.