Calling It: Every Fashion Girl Will Own This New Bag in 24 Hours 

Not too long ago, our office caught wind of the adorable French-inspired bag brand, Bembien. To absolutely no one's surprise, so did the rest of the fashion community, which was made apparent through the endless number of Instagrams featuring these picture-perfect woven handbags. Well, Bembien is back with another impressive bag style that is about to take over the fashion (and Insta) world yet again. 

This new style is called the Sofia, and according to the brand, it "will sit more like a traditional shoulder bag (the strap is much shorter, kind of like a Chanel bag) unlike the cross body style of the Lily. The dimensions are more practical than our other styles (you can fit a full size wallet in it) and the design, as you can see, is a bit more intricate."

Essentially, this bag can do it all, and it won't take the woven bag–obsessed community long to snatch up the new style, which is why we recommend purchasing yours sooner rather than later. With other popular styles like the Rose bag still currently sold out, we have no doubt that this fresh shape will follow suit. 

Go on to see Bembien's new woven Sofia bag and to shop it here before everyone else.