Is This the Most Important Accessory of Spring 2017?

Speaking personally, I'm pretty sure that up until a few months ago, I hadn't worn a belt in years. I always saw them as purely functional, and if my jeans fit properly, why would I need one? So I ditched them. But over the past year, I started to realize that the classic accessory was so much more than utilitarian. As is the case with many trends these days, I can thank Gucci for that.

From the moment Alessandro Michele debuted his double-G logo belts, everything changed. Every fashion girl had to have one, and as a result, the accessories sold out every time they were restocked. As a result, a slew of other brands have also amped up their belt offerings, and even Karl Lagerfeld added a belt to almost every look in his '80s glam–inspired S/S 17 Chanel couture collection.

Since welcoming belts back into my wardrobe, I've found that it's the perfect finishing touch to my jeans outfits, and based on the latest street style photos from NYFW, it's clear that every fashion girl agrees.

Keep scrolling to see proof of the importance of belts in the fashion world right now, and be sure to shop our favorite belts at the end!

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