Bella Hadid Says This Is Her Uniform in Paris

Fashion month is upon us, and given that Bella Hadid is one of the most in-demand models around as of late, it's sure to be a whirlwind for the It girl. Model-off-duty street style is undoubtedly one of the best things about the season, and we're anxiously awaiting the sure-to-be-incredible outfits that Hadid has in store. In the meantime, she just gave Vogue a little insight into what she'll be wearing while going from show to show this season. 

In Paris, Hadid evidently plans on keeping things simple and sleek, foreseeing a uniform that's "all black, leather, more chic". On the flip side, when it comes to her NYC style, Hadid divulged that she takes the eclectic city as a chance to try something a little different come NYFW. She says, "I have Marc Jacobs and stuff like that, so I can get creative, branch out, and wear crazy things." Read the rest of the interview on Vogue, and below, check out a recent look of Hadid's from both Paris and New York, and shop pieces that are inspired by the It girl's style. 

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