Bella Hadid’s Jeans Were Basically Made for Ankle Boots

Seen out and about in NYC, Bella Hadid followed in her sister's footsteps and ditched her skinny jeans for a slightly flared, slightly bootcut version we haven't seen before. The unusually great part about her denim style of choice is the large slit up the side, giving onlookers a perfect view of her sleek ankle boots. What more could you ask for in a pair of jeans, right? 

Basically, this subtle slit gives you the length you would want in a pair of jeans, especially in the winter, while not outshining or drowning your favorite pair of ankle boots. In classic Bella form, she nailed the all-black bundled look by layering different textures of the color together, from her fringed scarf all the way down to her shiny boots. So now when you have a great pair of ankle boots that would be a shame to cover up, search for pants like Bella's, and your problem will be solved.

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