7 Things I Learned From Bella Hadid's Finsta

Who is Rebekka Harajuku? That's the question that followers of Bella Hadid's Instagram found themselves asking over the weekend when the model posted a photo of herself in a blonde wig with a caption referring to what we now know to be her alter ego. Over the past few days, an entire Instagram page has popped up featuring the temporarily blonde Hadid touring her way around Tokyo (where the moniker Harajuku comes from—it's a neighborhood in the city).

Hadid's new finsta includes shots of the model shopping, dining, and posing, all while dressed in Dior, Chanel, and of course, those tiny sunglasses that are everywhere these days. Oftentimes, a "finsta" is an alternate account where social media buffs are able to share private photos with friends and offer an unpolished alternative to their perfect "rinsta" feed. For Hadid, the alternate account is cheeky, sure, but it's still chock-full of stylish outfit inspiration. Read on for a look at her alter ego and what I learned in a finsta spiral.