Woke Up and Suddenly This Trend Is Cool Again 

Bella Hadid just wore a cowl neck dress in Paris. You read that right—a cowl neck. Maybe I have been hiding under a rock, but I have not seen a true cowl neck in quite some time. I'm not talking about those pretty silky Reformation tanks everyone owns. I'm talking about a good old-fashioned bunched-up cowl at your neck. Up until this point, I honestly thought we wouldn't see the return of the cowl neck for at least a couple more years, but sure enough, Bella Hadid had her own timeline in mind.

Waking up to this news (and the acceptance that this outfit was actually cool) clearly took me by surprise. Are cowl necks officially back? Are they cool now? Is this a trend we need to start wearing ASAP? I think it's safe to assume that if Bella wore one, It girls all over will adopt the trend in no time, including Instagram stars, celebrities, and more. Her styling of the trend was of course spot-on, as she adorned her look with a leather beret, platform Dr. Martens, and a coat that will cause any fashion lover to turn green with envy. Before you scroll on, brace yourself, because there's a whole lot of cowl waiting for you.


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On Bella Hadid: Sankuanz S/S18 coat; Vivienne Westwood AW17/18 dress; Dr. Martens Jadon Boots ($170)

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