Prepare to Obsess Over the Sneakers Bella Hadid Designed


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Bella Hadid is a woman of many talents. Of course, we already know about her modeling chops—as evidenced by a slew of runway shows and campaigns—but now we get to see her designing skills as well.

Hadid took to Instagram to explain how much her new collaboration with Chrome Hearts means to her. "This is family and together we have created a collection I hope you all enjoy!" she wrote in the caption. "I have designed pieces that I truly, truly love." She went on to thank the Chrome Hearts group, including Jesse Jo, Laurie Lynn, and Richard Stark, all of whom "have been the most incredible and supportive team to bring it to life! I am so nervous for you all to see it but so grateful and excited about it too!" She urged her fans to follow the collab's Instagram account to stay up to date, as the official release date has not been unveiled yet. Can't wait!

Scroll down to get sneak peeks at Bella Hadid's new Chrome Hearts collaboration while we wait for the launch.

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