The Affordable Outfit That Will Make Your Spring Wardrobe

In the fickle world of fashion, many trends come and go within a matter of weeks or months. Despite the odds, some manage to surpass expectations and last way beyond the average trend lifespan. The latter case definitely applies to today’s topic of pajama-dressing. The trend’s unwavering support by designers, celebrities, and shoppers has made it clear that no matter what form it takes, boudoir-inspired everything is here to stay.

For this reason and more, when designing our spring Who What Wear collection for Target, we knew we both had to include the trend and evolve it. Since we’d already mastered the dress and shirt iterations, the logical next step was suiting. Enter our pajama vest and crop for Target. It’s everything you could want in an outfit and more because it’s both affordable and versatile. You can wear it alone, layer it over a sweater or blouse, or even wear the pieces separately with other basics… the possibilities are endless! And as we’ve done with some of our other favorite pieces from the collection, today we’re giving you an exclusive behind-the-seams look at the inspiration for the piece, straight from our co-founders, Hillary and Katherine. 

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