The New Half Up

Stop the presses, we've noted a new 'do sweeping the scalps of some of Hollywood's best and brightest. Okay, so this fresh take on an old favorite isn't breaking news a la Britney's baldness, but we think this trend has serious staying power. The latest version of half-up, half-down is sleeker than the recent rockabilly, Gwen Stefani, pompadour lite. We spotted this style on the Versace and Philosophy di Alberta Feretti spring runways and liked how it's a little 60's and a little sleek.

To achieve this look, dry your hair super straight, like Camilla Belle, above (flat iron for extra points). Next, section off the hair that will be pulled back. You'll want to take about three or four inches at the center of your hairline and make a very precise part on each side, gathering about five inches back into your crown. Yes, this will be a huge chunk of your hair-this differentiates this style from the aforementioned poof.

Once sectioned, pull the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Evenly apply a dime-sized dollop (feel free to use more if you've got loads of hair) of smoothing cream or serum to this top section of your hair. We like Paul Labrecque's Straight Style Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm, $26, While you want this section of your hair to look slick, don't plaster your locks to your head.

Secure the top section with bobby pins (insert them horizontally) or one long, skinny barrette, about halfway between your hairline and the base of your neck. Once secure, undo the ponytail and let your hair hang around your shoulders. Now, don't you look great?