The Best Reds

Some of us (Hillary) loathe Christmas carols. Perhaps it's because she was forced to listen to heaps of "Mannheim Steamroller Christmas" during the holiday seasons of her youth, one never knows. Some of us (Katherine) have been singing Jingle Bells for the past two weeks. Perhaps it's because she's insane in the membrane, one never knows. Despite this disparity, there is one thing that unites us this season-our infatuation with red, red nails. When picking a polish, we suggest staying away from any reds with anything other than a subtle sheen-this is neither the time nor the place to get sparkly. We feel that the bright pop of a cherry nail varnish is best set off by short nails (you want to be vampy not trampy). Most of our favorite brands (Lippmann, $15, Rescue Beauty Lounge, $18, and Essie, $7) can be found on and OPI, $6.00 can be found at