Super Scrubber

A wise beauty editor once told us that exfoliation is to skin care as location is to real estate. We clutched our un-scrubbed face in our hands and made a solemn vow never to forsake this important task again.

In the years since we received this sounds advice we spent hours at Sephora, grimly muttering, "Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation," and searching the dizzying area of skin sloughers. Much like Goldilocks, some scrubs were too harsh and some were too soft. This year we finally hit upon the right one. Created by lovely facialist Kate Somerville (her eponymous spa is one of our favorites, clients include Jessica Alba), Kate in a Jar is loyalty inducing. It's full of papaya fruit and rosewood oil, and can both remove dead skin and make what remains cashmere soft. It also keeps our chin bumps at bay without drying out our skin.

We saw the informed beauty editor recently and she commented on our glow. Were we exercising? Hardly. Eating our green? Not intentionally. In love? Perhaps... Kate in a Jar. ($85, 800.984.KATE, )