Summer Helpers

We all need a little help this time of year , especially when we're remembering how good we had it as students (read: three month vacation). Ideally, that aid comes in the form of a shorter work week or a case of chilled rosé. But if your summer Fridays are non-existent and your wine coolers are empty, no worries. We've got a couple of things that might assist your summer, albeit in slightly less boozy ways.

1. Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16 PA +, $26,
We're sort of paranoid Pollys about getting our heads sunburned. Not only do you have to be careful about skin cancer (the scalp is vulnerable, even if you have a full head of hair), but anyone's who has ever suffered from a burn on the part in their hair knows how much it sucks-pain plus peeling, terrific! Naturally we were delighted to find Shiseido's Sun Protection Spray for the body and scalp. It protects against UVA/UVB rays, is water-resistant, and the Skin Cancer Foundation gave it a thumbs up. It also doesn't goop up your hair, which appeals to our superficial side.

2. Bourjois Contour No Color Colourless Lipliner, $12,
Now, we're the first to admit that a colorless lip liner sounds odd at best, but it's actually kind of genius. Boujois' latest addition is great for summer because it keeps that warm-weather essential-lip gloss-in place. One of the annoying things about heat is how it makes your gloss smudge and travel. A smeared mouth is not usually a look we're going for, and this pencil keeps that from happening. The pencil is formulated with powders and silicone which create a long-wearing hold and the whole "colorless" thing means it works with any lip shade.

3. Halter Top Bikini and Tie Bottom, $19.99 each,
While there's no denying the appeal of a Missoni bikini or Eres suit, sometimes you don't really want to pay that much for swimwear. If less financial commitment sounds appealing, check out the above Hello Kitty (oh yeah) suit from Alloy. After all, how can you go wrong with bright colors and a $40 price tag?

4. Poetic Brow Shaping Sugar Wax from Bliss, $40,
We love everything about Bliss Spas, and their latest Poetic waxing product cements this affection. While it's technically for your brows, the kit is ideal for any sort of emergency hair issue-you can use it anywhere. It comes with their cold sugar wax, which easily washes off with warm water (really, we tried), a little tube of calming balm, wee reusable spatulas, and 50 pre-cut wax strips.

5. IcyBag, $14.99-$19.99,
If you've ever accidentally left your makeup in your car-or even your bag in the sun during a long lunch-you've probably returned to discover a melted disaster. Well those days are gone thanks to IcyBag, an insulated cosmetics bag. It's great for travel, the beach, whatever!

6. Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 30, $45,
The geniuses at Dermalogica bring you this sunscreen booster that you can add to any pre-existing , SPF-free product like your favorite face lotion or foundation. The texture is amazing (unlike many traditional sunscreens) and it's chemical free, making the Booster ideal for sensitive skin.