Short Blonde Cuts

Spring is in the air, and much like a crop of little lambs, many of Hollywood's heads are getting shorn. Perhaps in reaction to the spate of celebs lining up for extensions or chocolate colored dye jobs, we've noticed a small-but-growing faction of fashionistas are rebelling against the status quo locks. Instead, gals like Michelle Williams, Selma Blair, and Victoria Beckham are taking a page from model Agyness Deyn's (above, far left) look book-cropping their hair to boyish proportions and busting out some serious bleach.

Perhaps this trend is an unconscious nod about which way the wind is blowing. From flappers in the 20's to mod models in the 60's it seems that ladies often flip for a big snip-snip during tumultuous times. While we're personally devotees of long locks, we tip our hats to the courageous (and lets face it, beautiful because the cut's unforgiving) ladies who are bringing back the neck as an erogenous zone.

In 1988, Joan Juliet Buck mused about short hair in Vogue, writing, "Short hair removes femininity and replaces it with style." We're not sure about the former, but we do think it shows great style that when Selma Blair lopped it all off, she then donated her hair to the children's charity Locks of Love. Now that's some shorn supremacy!

Ready to take the leap? It seems that most of the above mention celebs turn to Chris McMillan's eponymous salon to get their gamine on. McMillan gave Selma her original short style and also is responsible for Michelle Williams' cut. Victoria Beckham's hair is cropped by British haircutting duo Ben Cooke and Jonathan Long, but got blonded by Chris McMillan's Johnny Ramirez. As for Pink's platinum do? Yup, you guessed it, the Chris McMillan Salon-again-where she visits Kristoff Ball.

Photo of Victoria, courtesy of