Lower Liner

Eyeliner is like a soufflé-it can give even the experts fits and flat results. No worries kids, we've got foolproof solutions for you! This fall, the trend of lower liner is both forgiving and fantastic. While the dramatic look shown on Mariacarla Boscono at Gucci (image # 4) or Heather Bratton at Dior (image # 2) might not be the look you rock to stock up on Sierra Mist at the grocery story, the lower liner shown at Lanvin, Gaultier, and Zac Posen is as easy-breezy as instant pudding.

WhoWhatWearDaily called up celebrity makeup man Jake Bailey of Solo Artists to get his techniques for achieving this look. Bailey's a babe and has worked on enough media darlings (Paris, Lindsay, Mandy) to be the go-to guy for no muss, sexy liner. He prefers using a pencil (skinny, naturally darling) when doing this look. "I like to do eyes last because then you have an idea of how the whole look will come together," he says. Bailey sharpens the pencil and warms it by testing it on the back of his hand and then starts really working the pencil into the lashes. "You have to go over and through your lower lash line, always blending with a finger to soften the look," Bailey says. "I love lining the eye in black and then going over it with a shimmery green or aubergine eye shadow. You can keep it from running by dipping a small eye shadow brush in loose powder and blending that into wherever you've lined."

The Final Scoop? Don't worry about precision or perfection-a smudge is sexy-just find the perfect products. Read on for Jake Bailey and WWWD's favorites.

1. If you're at all inclined to rub your eyes, try waterproof mascara on your lower lashes. Not only will this keep the mascara intact when you're dancing up a storm, it also keeps the product exactly where you want.
2. We're fans of Chanel's Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil ($27.50, www.chanel.com). It's water-resistant, hypo-allergenic (so it won't irritate your eyes if you like to line your inner eyelid rims), and soft enough to smudge. Another amazing product is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($15, www.sephora.com). It's waterproof and comes in loads of fantastic colors like Lust (a velvety violet) and Baked (a subtle bronze). Bailey likes Prescriptives Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliner ($17.50, www.prescriptives.com) in Beaming Forrest and Beaming Plum.