Hot Buns

To paraphrase modern poet Sir Mix-A-Lot, we like big buns. Messy or perfect, slicked back or perfectly parted, we're going ballerina when it comes to our hair-and thankfully it's much easier than being en pointe. One of the fantastic things about the bun is the individual fashionablilty (yes we know that's not a real word) you can bring to this look. Depending on where you're going and your level of styling dedication you can be ready to go in two minutes or two hours. For dressy events and cocktail parties, we like to create large, loose waves with a 1.5 inch ceramic curling iron. Then run a small (dime-sized approximately) amount of styling crème from below the ears to the ends of the hair. To create an imperfect-yet-sexy bun, gather the hair as if you're making a low, side ponytail. Twist your hair into a bun and pin to secure. Pieces of hair should naturally fall out around your face, or you can pull them free if you'd like. Total time for this coif? Ten minutes including curling time. In our opinion, that's simply bunderful. Ha.

*Did you guess correctly? The owner of this bun is none other than Jessica Simpson.