Femme Fatale

We all have secrets. Secrets about things we love. Secrets about things we can't live without. Secrets about things that we're obsessed with-things like mascara.

Okay, so that's not exactly a National Inquirer-style juicy revelation, but we confess to being slightly shamed by our dependence on mascara. We wear it to the gym and to the grocery store. We've been known to wash our faces and then reapply-waterproof, so no smudges-before bed because we don't thrill to the notion of having our boyfriends realize we resemble rabbits with our au natural lashes.

Naturally we were delighted when Lancôme debuted their latest addition-Fatale-to their stellar stable of lash products. When we first pulled the (magic) wand out of the tube we thought we had either a) broken it or b) got a wacky sample. Unlike just about every single mascara wand we've ever seen or used, this one doesn't have your standard bristles. Instead, you find a three-sided comb that applies an adjustable amount of product without any clumping. Gucci Westman, Lancôme's International Beauty Director, used a quick sweep of Fatale in brown for Behnaz Sarafpour's Spring 2007 show (shown here) for a subtle, come-hither lash. Since we're mascara mavens, we like Fatale in black and will apply at least four coats to get the maximum Betty Boop look we love. The tiny comb lets you get at the dainty lashes near your nose and add extra oomph to the outer corner of the eye. It makes us feel a little Belle de Jour, a little Calypso, and a whole lot of lovely.