Cheap Thrills

We spend an inordinate amount of money at the drugstore. It's difficult to resist overindulging; there's always some new, reasonably priced, beauty product temptation begging to be bought. (Judging by the size of Rachel Bilson's bag upon her departure from Target, it seems our weaknesses are in good company.) If you've found yourself limited by the no-trying-before-buying aspect of the mass market experience, we've done the work for you. Here are some of our latest and favorite cheap thrills-tested and approved by your friendly WWWD editors.

1. mark Go With The Pro Mini Kit ($15,
The rub of investing in expensive brushes is the fact that they're rarely a travel-friendly size. Not to mention, Hillary swears her bag eats makeup brushes as there is no other explanation for how many items have gone missing. If you're the sort of girl who likes to have her tools on hand, this kit is for you. Each brush (powder, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, and lip liner) is four-inches long or less and the whole package fits nearly into (most) bags. You might not need every single piece, but isn't it reassuring to know that they're there?

2. L'Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner ($7.35, drugstores everywhere)
One member of WWWD is creepy obsessed with Voluminous mascara (in Carbon Black!) and has been so afflicted for approximately 10,000 years. So naturally, we got all kinds of excited about the first new product under the Voluminous name since our beloved mascara. The eyeliner is very long-lasting (eight hours) and is smudgeproof, which is great if you're an eye-toucher. The slanted tip makes it easy to give yourself a thin, subtle line or thicker cat-eye easily.

3. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain ($11.50,
As part of their Limited Edition collection, Revlon created Just Bitten Lip Stain. Available in four colors, the stain is a little bit like Benefit's Benetint-but for less than half the price. We're particularly fond of Just Bitten's rollerball tip, as it reminds us of the awesome Bonnie Bell lip glosses we used to steal from our moms' bags back in the day. (Sorry moms)

4. Almay Smart Shade Blush ($8.99,
Maybe we should want to understand the technology behind Almay's new Smart Shade line (in addition to the blush shown here, bronzer and foundation are also available), but we don't really care. It's just cool that the Smart Shade stuff somehow just "knows" what color it should become to look perfectly natural and totally flattering. Anyway, the blush comes in three shades-pink, berry, and natural-and any of you makeup-phobes out there should pick it up immediately for fearless cheek color.

5. OPI Nail Polish in Romeo & Joliet ($7.50,
This deep garnet polish (with a truly subtle hint of shimmer) is the drugstore doppelganger of Chanel's latest, hot, limited edition polish, Tulipe Noir). We stumbled across this by accident at our local nail spot when we forgot the Chanel bottle at the office. It doesn't look like much in the bottle, but this classic OPI shade is really gorgeous on-we promise.