Come hell or high water, Heidi braids are officially here to stay. Sienna Miller pushed them into the spotlight at Monday's Golden Globes, but we've noticed this Swiss Miss-style popping up on many a Hollywood head recently. We also happen to like this look, especially because it lends itself to dirty hair quite nicely (just spray a little dry shampoo on your roots first). We like the youthful attitude it gave Sienna's otherwise grownup gown, enjoyed its unexpected presence on MK at a recent Dolce & Gabbana party, but we lurved how Emilie de Ravin wore the braids at a "Lost" event last week. Slightly messy and super sexy, Emilie's great plait is a look we adore so much we've got special how-to instructions on the next page... This basic braid look doesn't require a ton of time or a mess of equipment-all you need are a handful of flat bobby pins, a couple of ponytail holders, and about ten minutes. To start, separate your hair into two equal pieces. You don't need a severe middle part, however, you do need to make sure that you've got two even hunks of hair at the base/back of your head. If you have bangs, feel free to leave them out (like Emilie did).

Next, plait your hair into two braids (not too tight), starting each braid right behind your ear. When you finish each side, wrap a ponytail holder around the ends, then flip the braids up and over your head. You can either remove the ponytail holders and pin your locks in place, or just tuck the ends under the opposite braid and pin. Starting with the ends of your braids, pin them securely all along your head, working back to the origin of the braid. You'll need approximately one pin (per braid) every two inches if you have medium to thick hair (less pins are required for finer, lighter hair).

Finally, if you have bangs, tousle them at the root/crown to make the front of your hair a little messy. If you have layers, don't worry about the pieces sticking out of your braids-it looks cute and less precious (this is why we don't suggest applying a control product to you hair first).