Blackberry Lips

There aren't many things you can count of these days, but there is a certain beauty trend that reliably turns up just as the temperatures start to drop: dark lips. But unlike past iterations of this look-like the opaque black gloss shown at Yves Saint Laurent last year-this season, the deep shade that's showing up on everyone's lips is much more wearable. Whether it's nearly noir (as seen on Daisy Lowe) or more of a stain (check out Rihanna), our favorite notables are all about blackberry lips!

While a number of the fall collections showed these intense purple lips, we were curious to see if this trend could work off the runways. After all, even though there were countless articles about black lipstick last year, frankly the look never really took off. But, as today's fashionable faces attest, blackberry lips are already experiencing a wholly different trajectory. The bold berry tint first piqued our interest a couple of weeks ago when we spotted Agyness Deyn wearing it during London Fashion Week. Snapped en route to the UK-outpost of Bungalow 8, the major model balanced the statement shade by keeping the rest of her face basically bare, save for a smidge of soft pink blush.

It's worth noting that Deyn's overall look-neutral clothes, otherwise simple makeup-is the definitive way to wear blackberry lips. Other celebrity trendsetters seem to agree: recently Rihanna paired charcoal clothes with a deep berry stain (specifically Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Armanisilk Lipstick ($25) in 92 Black Plum) and Mischa Barton accented this rich lip color with an otherwise undone face and simple t-shirt. Even in the most extreme versions, such as the uber-dark lipstick Daisy Lowe wore to Alexander Wang's S/S 10 show, looks sophisticated if you keep the rest of your beauty regime simple and casual.

Of course, the greatest thing about this trend is the fact that you don't need much to try it: just a great lipstick and a bit of attitude! If you're truly daring, definitely check out MAC's Lipstickicon ($14) in Cyber, it's been the go-to product for romantic goths for ages. Readers who are searching for something a little lighter and easier to wear should pick up Lipstick Queen's Chinatown Glossy Pencil ($20) in Mystery. Though it appears black at first glance, trust us when we tell you that the formula is quite sheer and lovely. In addition to this department-store duo, we also found a couple of awesome choices at the drugstore. Topping our list of favorite tubes are Maybelline's Color Sensational Lip Coloricon ($8) in Plum Perfect and Revlon's Matte Lipstickicon ($8) in Wine Not-both excellent formulas and hues. But no matter what shade you pick up or product you prefer, the results are certain: a seasonally spot-on beauty look!

Photo of Daisy Lowe from Anne Ziegler; photo of Rihanna from x17; photo of Mischa Barton and Agyness Deyn, from PCN.