Best New Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, we've been known to be a little promiscuous. However, we're reexamining fidelity now that we've been turned on to Davines new stuff, The Alchemic Line. Upon a weekend visit to the Chris McMillan Salon, we noticed they're stocking these new color-boosting shampoos and conditioners. The shop's stylists were professing their love the product, and we figure they know best since they work on most of Hollywood's top (and most discerning) heads. We personally love the prodigious shine the shampoo gives, the conditioner's incredible detangling abilities, and the products have a sexy-yet-clean scent that draws raves. Kids, these products are keepers, we promise. Alchemic Shampoos, $20, Alchemic Conditioners, $24. Shades are as follows: Red, Golden, Copper, Silver, Chocolate, and Tobacco.