This 88-Year-Old Has the Best Style Advice, Hands Down



Baddiewinkle came into our lives—and likely into our Instagram feeds—just a few years ago, and it’s obvious why she became an overnight hit: She’s a life-loving, unapologetically brash, Miley Cyrus–friending great-grandmother. Oh yes, and she wears whatever the heck she wants, rainbows, sparkle, and crop tops included. But in her latest interview, she delivers some of the most sage advice we’ve ever heard when it comes to fashion, further proving that this 88-year-old internet sensation comes with so much substance.

When The Cut asked Baddiewinkle what style means to her, the new author (her book released yesterday) responded, “You can be 95, and if you see something you like, put it on, wear it, and if you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s my definition of style—you don’t have to keep up with the times, you don’t have to wear gray or black.” She then added, “Put something vibrant on, feel vibrant.”

Her advice isn’t just for octogenarians—it seems Baddiewinkle’s of the mind that fashion should make you feel good, first and foremost. Considering the barrage of trends that cycle in and out of popularity within a few (or 80) years, her advice is one that’s worth holding onto for the long run.

Check out more of The Cut’s interview with Baddiewinkle, and then shop her debut book, Baddiewinkle’s Guide to Life.